Chapter 1 - Ways to Save Money

This chapter of the Advisors Toolkit looks at ways to save money. It goes into detail about energy billing and various methods of payment, how to read both electricity and gas meters and looks also at other types of meters. This chapter also gives examples of tariffs and how to understand them. It talks about switching and how to move through the process of how to switch. There is a good amount of information on smart meters. There is some information on renewables and their benefit of reducing the amount of energy used so as to save money. Last of all, there is a selection of hints and tips on how to save energy in the home and thus save money.

This set of links are individual factsheets under Chapter I :  Ways to Save Money. 

1. a Billing and Payment
1. b Meters and How to Read Them
1. c Tariffs
​1. d Switching
1. e Insulation and Other Physical Measures
1. f Smart Meters
1. g Renewables
1. h Energy Saving Tips