Smart Energy GB in Communities

Smart Energy GB in Communities is a part of Smart Energy GB’s partnerships programme and an integral part of the consumer engagement campaign, which is being delivered by a consortium of charities dedicated to ensuring that no one is left behind in the rollout of smart meters.

In partnership with our sister charity National Energy Action (NEA) and grant-making charity Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), EAS is working with Smart Energy GB to help inform and inspire people about smart meters and help stimulate effective engagement with the rollout to ensure everyone understands the benefits. In 2017 we are focusing our partnership activity on one specific priority group - over 65s without personal internet access.

Further information is below. You can also read the press statement from Smart Energy GB here.

About smart meters and the rollout
Smart meters replace the traditional meters we currently have in our homes. They provide consumers with accurate bills, near real time information on energy usage in pounds and pence, and greater control over their gas and electricity. The smart meter rollout is an essential technology upgrade, unprecedented in its scale, to improve Great Britain’s energy infrastructure. Almost 7 million smart meters have already been installed in homes and micro-business, and between now and 2020, every household in Scotland, England and Wales will be offered one at no upfront cost.

Working in partnership with Smart Energy GB
Smart Energy GB is the voice of the smart meter rollout. It’s their task to help everyone in Great Britain understand smart meters, the national rollout and how to use their new meters to get their gas and electricity under control.

Working with and through partnership organisations – from across the voluntary, private and public sectors - is a central part of the campaign. We are working with Smart Energy GB to ensure that together we can engage some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach communities in the smart meter rollout.

What can we offer?
Through the Smart Energy GB in Communities programme, we are providing a range of advice and support to help engage a network of enthusiastic partners and ensure a wide outreach. This includes:

  • The Smart Energy GB in Communities fund which is being administered by CAF to provide support for organisations delivering projects and activities that engage their communities with the campaign. You can find more information on the funding opportunities, and other useful assets and materials here  
  • NEA and EAS are delivering a limited programme of support including smart meter training, support at stakeholder events, bite size briefings and access to resources. Please contact us to find out more here.
  • As well as support available via Smart Energy GB in Communities, Smart Energy GB has created a wealth of free resources – visit the Resource Centre to find out more and start downloading materials to support your activities.

During 2016 we delivered 44 training courses, to 439 smart meter Champions across Scotland, England and Wales, to enable them to provide advice, guidance and support to their beneficiaries on understanding and benefiting from the smart meter rollout. Champions reported reaching c. 150,000 individuals across the 12 priority groups targeted in 2016, which were made up of a wide range of vulnerable and hard to reach groups.

As well as this we worked with several hundred regional and local organisations to raise awareness of the rollout and reached 2234 frontline workers via bite size briefing sessions.

Following on from the success of the campaign in 2016 Smart Energy GB have spent the last few months analysing the data and evaluation surrounding the performance of the campaign, to determine the role for partnerships in 2017.

The insight on the campaign performance in 2016 showed that many vulnerable audiences are more effectively activated by the core campaign than anticipated and as a result Smart Energy GB are focusing their partnership activity at over 65 offline audiences, where the data shows the core campaign needs particular extra support.

To make sure our campaign is reaching everyone in the most effective way, we will be collecting information about all our activities and the activities of partners.  If you would like to help make the campaign a success, and help us ensure nobody is left behind in the rollout now or in the future, please get in touch at, or subscribe to our newsletter here to keep in touch with the main updates and future opportunities.

Why EAS?
We believe that smart metering has the potential to provide real benefits for vulnerable and low-income householders, but only if these individuals are effectively engaged and supported throughout the smart meter journey. We are proud to be working with Smart Energy GB and our consortium partners to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to engage in the smart meter rollout, regardless of personal circumstance or where they live.

Smart meters are being installed by energy suppliers. To find out how you can get a smart meter from your energy supplier, please visit the Smart Energy GB website.