Renewable Energy

EAS is not an environmental group but is primarily concerned with social factors.  The affordability of energy, rather than the source of energy, therefore sits within EAS’s remit.

EAS is supportive of the drive to have energy sources that are not harmful, that secure the supply of cheap or cost effective energy to households across Scotland and the rest of the UK and that do not place an overly costly burden on the fuel poor in particular. EAS remains neutral about the source of the energy but is cognisant of such emerging schemes or generating sources such as Combined Heat and Power, District Heating, Solar PV, Solar Thermal and other sources that can contribute to making individual homes more cost effective to run in terms of energy.

EAS accepts that there is a need for a diverse energy mix, which would result in the market, as a whole, being unable to be held to ransom by one particular source which consequently leads to price hikes in consumer bills.