Fuel Poverty Alleviation Support Fund

EAS ran a Fuel Poverty Alleviation Support Fund. The Fund is for EAS member organisations who work with fuel poor communities in Scotland. It is running to March 2018 but is closed to new applications.

What is the Fund for?   While there are various sources of help for fuel poor and vulnerable households, sometimes these can’t fully meet local needs.  This Fund therefore aims to help EAS members to fill the gaps.

For example, funding for ‘softer’, more personalised and tailored support for clients may be required.  Alternatively there may be instances where the total grant available from existing programmes is insufficient for the energy-saving measures needed.  The Fund may be able to bridge the gaps and so lead to a more productive outcome for the local project or service it helps.

Here are a few examples of the ways in which successful applicants have used the Fund.

  • Practical assistance for young people who live alone or in charge of a home

  • Support for people who had to withdraw from a Scottish Government scheme due to not being able to make a financial contribution for measures

  • Employing a part-time Rural Fuel Poverty Outreach Project Worker

  • LED Lights, energy efficiency advice and external solar lights for people who require a carer

  • Financial support for paying fuel bills