Fuel Poverty Advisory Groups

Scottish Government-appointed Fuel Poverty Advisory Groups

Two groups have been tasked by the Scottish Government with looking into various aspects of ending fuel poverty in Scotland.  These two new groups were formed to replace the Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum as part of a new robust governance framework for monitoring progress on tackling fuel poverty.

The Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel

The group’s guiding principle is two-fold: the creation of partnerships in all sectors to understand issues facing those who live in fuel poverty in Scotland, and advising Ministers on fuel poverty issues.

Specifically, it will:

  • provide independent advice to Ministers on fuel poverty matters, with the ability to research and draft independent reports to be submitted for consideration on this basis;
  • monitor and report on progress of the development and implementation of the Scottish Government's Fuel Poverty Strategy, including a new fuel poverty target;
  • support and challenge Government at all levels on delivery of its fuel poverty and energy efficiency programmes and efforts to tackle fuel poverty;
  • encourage and foster a partnership approach to tackling fuel poverty across the public, private and third sectors;
  • monitor and report on the delivery of the Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force and the Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group's recommendations and report on progress;
  • produce an annual statement to Scottish Ministers on progress and outcomes; and
  • undertake specific in-depth work through short-life working groups to explore relevant issues and make recommendations on how they should be addressed.

The Panel is independently chaired by Ann Loughrey

Scottish Fuel Poverty Partnership Forum

Working closely with the Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel, the Partnership Forum will be a representative body for the wider fuel poverty sector and will:

  • review the annual Scottish House Condition Survey results regarding levels of fuel poverty;
  • provide a source of expertise that will be called upon to sit on short life working groups and provide evidence to the Advisory Panel when required; and
  • support a co-ordinated approach to tackling fuel poverty across the public, private and third sectors.

The Partnership Forum is independently chaired by Ann Loughrey.

Historic advisory groups

Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum

The Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum, advised Scottish Ministers on reaching the target to end fuel poverty, and was chaired by Alan Ferguson.  The Forum's remit was to work together with the Scottish Government to ensure that so far as was reasonably practicable; no-one was living in fuel poverty by 2016.

Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group

The Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group was time limited for one year and reported to Scottish Ministers in October 2016. The Group, among other matters, looked at how new powers being devolved to Scotland could be best deployed to improve energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty.  The Group was chaired by Professor David Sigsworth. It published its report A Scotland without fuel poverty is a fairer Scotland: Four steps to achieving sustainable, affordable and attainable warmth and energy use for all on 24 October 2016.

Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force

A group was established to find ways of making it easier and more affordable for people in rural and remote Scotland to heat their homes. The Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force was exploring the issues and prepared a report on its findings over one year. It published its report on 24 October 2016 An Action Plan to Deliver Affordable Warmth in Rural Scotland proposed by the Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force.

The Task Force was chaired by Di Alexander.