Energy Trends and Quarterly Prices

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) produces regular reports on Energy Trends and Quarterly Prices. These provide information about the price of domestic fuels, including average domestic fuel bills broken down by fuel type and payment method.

These reports are available to download from BEIS. The first set of figures below represents UK figures. Specific Scottish figures are also available below [2]. The second set of statistics is using cash terms, which means not adjusted for inflation, whereas the first set of statistics covering UK prices is using real terms. These bills are based on standard consumptions of 3,800kWh per year for electricity and 15,000kWh per year for gas.

Quarterly energy prices for June 2019 [1] show the following:

For the UK:

  • The price paid for all domestic fuels in real terms has risen slightly by 0.1 per cent in Quarter 1 2019 compared with the same quarter in 2018.Between Quarter 1 2018 and Quarter 1 2019, real terms prices, including VAT, for domestic electricity have increased by 2.1 per cent but for domestic gas prices have fallen by 3.3 per cent.

The combined average domestic bill in current prices increased by £69 from £1,249 in 2017 to £1,318 (5.5 per cent) in 2018. In actual terms for fixed consumption levels of electricity of 3,800 kWh per annum, bills increased by £53 to £672; and for fixed consumption levels of gas of 15,000 kWh per annum, bills increased by £16 to £646.After accounting for the effects of inflation (the general increase in price for goods and services) and presenting prices in real terms, the increase in the combined average bill falls to 3.4 per cent. Average bills for those using prepayment meters increased by £24 (1.9 per cent) following the revisions of the price cap in 2018, a slower rate compared to the other payment methods.

Annual energy bills for Scotland (using cash terms):

  • The average annual domestic standard gas bill for 2018 decreased for both Direct Debit by £3 to £629, and prepayment  by £9 to £617 whilst Standard Credit  increased by £21 to £709. This results in an average of £652 across all payment types, using cash terms.
  • The average annual domestic standard electricity bill in Scotland for 2018 increased for Direct Debit by £60 to £666, while average Standard Credit increased by £58 to £732. Prepayment also increased by £33 to £660.  This results in an average annual electricity bill of £686 across all payment types in cash terms.

More information is available by contacting the Energy Prices Analysis Team in BEIS. For household energy prices, the current contact is Lilian Oluwakuyide, 0300 068 8491 Email:

[1] Quarterly Energy Prices, June  2019, BEIS and Office for National Statistics

[2] Annual Domestic Energy Bills, June 2019, BEIS and Office for National Statistics