EAS Accredited Courses

These courses are designed and delivered by EAS for specific audiences.  Please check here for any new courses that become available.

Specialist CPD Webinars (sCPD)

On-line modules providing subject specific enhancements to our standard City and Guilds Energy Awareness course. These are designed to take candidates into greater depth in areas that are particular to the Scotland context of domestic energy provision and utilisation at home. Our sCPD webinars aim to add to a participant’s knowledge and are additional to the foundation level of our Energy Awareness course.

If requested, Energy Action Scotland can provide CPD certificates to confirm the content and number of hours on completion of this webinar.

For further information about these events can be accessed here and you can indicate your interest in joining one or more of our sCPD here.

For further information about this course please contact our training section by email or call 0141 226 3064.

Stay Warm Stay Well

Designed to raise awareness of the impact of fuel poverty and cold homes on people’s health, this one day course is tailored for frontline staff who look after the health, wellbeing and social welfare of vulnerable clients. It aims to: improve understanding of domestic energy efficiency and the impact of fuel poverty and cold homes on vulnerable, low income households and; improve awareness of schemes/grants and other support mechanisms for energy efficiency improvements, creating an effective means for linking those in need with the help that’s available.

Course dates and content for 2021 can be found here

Going Beyond Energy Performance Certificates 2019

This two day course is for Domestic Energy Assessors / EPC Assessors who are interested in customising / personalising the fuel cost and carbon estimates produced on a standard EPC to make them more real for the householder. The presumption is that all those attending the course will already have a DEA / Energy Assessor qualification, and be a member of an approved organisation, as you will need access to software that generates EPCs. The course may also suit those who can access EPC data as part of their role e.g. housing managers, as the personalising of the assessment does not require any prior qualification or experience of the EPC process. This course will not be concerned with collecting the survey data or teaching people to become DEA / EPC assessors.

This two day course is designed to take participants through a parallel process where they can use the output of an EPC, to adjust a range of normally fixed parameters e.g. heating patterns, fuel prices, occupancy, and add the use of appliances and cooking energy normally ignored within the SAP / RdSAP assessment. This approach will allow a more personalised assessment of a householder’s total fuel use, needs and costs, and so provide a more robust framework to assess the risk of fuel poverty by using customer-specific real data, rather than standardised defaults.

Going Beyond Energy Performance Certificates 2019 is delivered over 2 days and is a blend of expert tutorials and hands-on practice using online software to assess real properties across a range of real world scenarios. Those attending should bring their own laptop PC or tablet in order to complete the practical parts of the course. Please note, the software used on this course is for training and research purposes only. It is not for commercial purposes, and therefore the outputs should not be sold as part of a service without prior consent with the software vendor.

On completion, attendees on the course will be able to take the outputs from any UK EPC that they have full access to and adjust the parameters to reflect the reality of how the occupants use their home. Additionally, this process will allow household-specific energy tariffs to be combined with the approved property EPC to generate bespoke occupant estimates of annual cost and emissions.

The course is delivered as a partnership between Energy Action Scotland (EAS) and Alembic Research Ltd. Both tutors, Scott Restrick (EAS) and Dr Bill Sheldrick (AR), have a long and extensive involvement in the field of domestic energy assessment, SAP and RdSAP, training assessors, and fuel poverty.

For further information about this course please contact our training section by email or call 0141 226 3064.