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Energy Performance Certification

All those wishing to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) in Scotland must be members of a protocol organisation.

Energy Action Scotland and our training partner, Alembic Research Ltd., have been delivering training and assessment specific to those seeking to become members of a registered EPC protocol organisation in Scotland since August 2008.

Please note that everyone interested in attending an EAS training course to become an EPC Assessor in Scotland or requiring information about becoming an EPC Assessor must contact the protocol scheme manager in the first instance.


EAS offer three training courses related to EPCs. 

  • A full 5 day course, incorporating a half day assessment, for those with little or no experience of assessing the energy performance of domestic properties.

  • A 2 day course for experienced practitioners already operating within the industry. This course will be aimed at those who have successfully completed energy audit training with EAS in the past (pre version 9.91), or those with the Domestic Energy Assessor qualification who have been inactive for a period of time. NB The 2 days may not be continuous as it will depend upon the experience of the assessor, attendance at the half day assessment is mandatory and additional to the 2 days.  NB the 2 days may not be continuous and must be agreed witht he Technical and Training Manager prior to starting the course.  

  • A one day Reduced Data SAP CPD Masterclass course: Aimed at members of any of the registered Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) protocol schemes in Scotland, this course will take candidates through some of the more challenging features of version 9.91 RdSAP.

We also offer an Assessment Only course for active DEA assessors or those wishing to demonstrate competence for membership of another scheme in Scotland. No tutorial or written guidance will be provided under this scheme as assessors are assumed to be active under an existing protocol scheme.


Both the two and four day courses require completion and assessment of a portfolio of 3 EPCs: two of these to be completed during the progress of the course and one to be completed under examination conditions. The exam will include a practical and verbal element.

In the case of the Assessment Only course two of the EPCs will be completed in consultation with the training manager and the third on-site under examination conditions.


Courses are generally held in central Glasgow on the dates indicated in the Diary. Alternatively if there is a need to train five or more people in an organisation or locality, please contact us to discuss specific arrangements.


Training Cost

Four day course: £1050 + VAT

Two day course for existing assessors: £550 + VAT 


Assessment Cost

2 and 4 day courses: £250 + VAT

Assessment Only course: £350 + VAT


RD SAP Update to version 9.92 Course:

Full Day: £150 + VAT


For course dates please refer to the Diary section of this website.

For further information and to reserve places on a course, contact Rose Ann Porteous by email or on 0141 226 3064