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Policy and Legislation: EU

Energy Efficiency Labelling
New energy efficiency labelling for products and appliances has come into force due to a new EU Directive.
The rules provide alternative rating scales for use where new products on the market are even more energy efficient than existing products rated ‘A’. The new ratings will provide A+, A++ and A+++ ratings. A total of seven possible classes are to be maintained, with the lowest possible ratings as G, F, E, or D.
Directive 2010/30/EU has also extended the scope of the rules to ‘energy-related products’, where the previous Directive was restricted to ‘household appliances’. It therefore now encompasses those products which have ‘a significant direct or indirect impact on the consumption of energy during use’, including glazing, window frames and outer doors.
An example of the new Energy Efficiency Labels effective as of 20 June 2011. Direct.gov.uk