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Statistics and Trends

Statistics and Trends

This section provides links to relevant information and statistics held elsewhere by other organisations and agencies. We provide a short explanation of the information available and the relevant link. For the full statistics and a fuller explanation of any trends or facts, please refer directly to the source via the weblink provided.


Fuel Poverty is the inability to afford adequate warmth in the home, usually defined as having to spend more than 10% of income to meet recognised heating standards.  Extreme fuel poverty is defined as requiring more than 20% of income for domestic fuel. (Source: The Scottish Fuel Poverty Statement, 2002)

Fuel poverty is caused by a combination of three factors: poor energy efficiency of the dwelling; low disposable household income and the high price of domestic fuel.

Key Statistics:

  • Fuel poverty in Scotland in 2014 was 845,000 households or 34.9%
  • Extreme fuel poverty in 2014 was 229,000 households or 9.5%

(Source: The Scottish House Condition Survey: 2014 Key Findings)