This chapter of the Toolkit looks at the different renewable technologies available, what they are good for, information about planning permission and specific information about the various types. These factsheets cover solar PV, solar thermal, wind turbines, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, micro combined heat and power, biomass and micro hydro.

This set of links below are the individual factsheets in Chapter VI: Renewables. 

VI. 1 Renewable Technologies and Planning

VI. 2 Solar PV

VI. 3 Solar Thermal

VI. 4 Wind Turbines

VI. 5 Ground Source Heat Pumps

VI. 6 Air Source Heat Pumps

VI. 7 Water Source Heat Pumps

VI. 8 Micro Combined Heat and Power

VI. 9 Wood Fuelled Heating (Biomass)

VI. 10 Micro Hydro