Paying for Energy

This chapter of the Advisors Toolkit looks at the subject of Paying for Energy. It sets out how to understand fuel bills by describing the different elements and explains some of the terms used. It also looks at the different payment methods used for paying for energy such as direct debit, standing order, quarterly billing, prepayment meters, regular payment schemes and Fuel Direct and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally the chapter has suggestions of what to do if struggling with fuel bills.

This set of links below are the individual factsheets under Chapter II: Paying for Energy. 

II. 1 Understanding Fuel Bills
II. 2 Direct Debit and Standing Order
II. 3 Paying Quarterly on Receipt of Bill
II. 4 Prepayment Meters
II. 5 Regular Payment Schemes
II. 6 Fuel Direct
II. 7 Struggling with Fuel Bills