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Energy Action Scotland (EAS) campaigns for an end to fuel poverty in Scotland and is the only national charity with this sole remit. EAS aims to develop and promote effective solutions to the problem of cold, damp and expensive to heat homes.

For information on fuel poverty issues, policies and programmes, see Key Issues.

Energy Action Scotland Annual Conference and Exhibition
12 – 13 November 2015
Turning Up the HEAT on Fuel Poverty

For many in Scotland, keeping warm at home at a price that they can afford remains a challenge. With only a year to go before the deadline to end fuel poverty must be met, this conference will explore what is working well and what still needs to be done.

For the conference programme please see here

For booking form please see here

For information for exhibitors, please contact Christine McArthur on christine.mcarthur@eas.org.uk

Report: Reaching the Target to End Fuel Poverty by 2016 - One Year Milestone

Members of EAS and of the Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum met to discuss the topic Reaching the Target to End Fuel Poverty by 2016.  The event provided the 90 attendees with the opportunity to discuss policies, programmes, links with health and consumer issues.

The report is now available to download from our Publications page.